Renee Malburg

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About Renee Malburg

Making Connections...

What I have realized in the past few years is that the indicators of my success as a Real Estate Broker have evolved over the years as I have immersed myself into the industry. I mark my success not by volume, dollars or recognition, but by the little things along the way - building relationships with my clients; establishing exceptional communication; and ultimately, making the connections that they need to move forward on their desired life paths. And then doing it again, but this time with a client for life!

Here are a few things you should know about me!

- I highly value education, both in my pursuits in the industry and in educating my clients about the process

- I have proven negotiating skills that typically result in smooth transactions, as expectations are established early and many obstacles avoided. Happy closings for both parties is my GOAL!

- I really love the challenge of fighting for property rights! Common sense approach to questions on zoning, assessing or title concerns yield wins for my clients.

- My greatest desire is to make a difference every day; continue to move towards excellence in my profession; and to uplift and encourage those around me in whatever way I can.

- I am a full time agent; Ludington is my home town and I am so blessed to be living and working here; I am married to my best friend and we are now enjoying being able to watch and guide our children as they walk their own paths!